About Us

Len Cook

Len Cook has been a Government Statistician in New Zealand, and a National Statistician of the United Kingdom.  He was born in Dunedin, but has mainly lived in Wellington. Len has been involved in a variety of public policy initiatives including Member of the Royal Commission on Social Policy, Past President of the Institute of Public Administration, and has become a member of the scientific advisory group for Growing Up in New Zealand.

Why Len is a supporter of CPAG -

He believes that children are our most important social investment, and that the fact that New Zealand’s mothers continue to deliver some 60,000 babies a year as they did during the post–war baby boom years gives us the richest possible foundation for the future of all New Zealanders.  All of those babies need a fair chance in health, housing and education as they grow.  This requires  research, advocacy and engagement, and CPAG puts a spotlight on how children live and what it is  associated with and results in, that lifts the accountability of all of us for this part of our society.  How we value the most important role of bringing  up children whoever does it is a reflection of the values and conscience of our society, and as we change as a society we need the sort of vigilance CPAG provides.  We should expect to be discomforted by any of our failures in this role of our society, especially where that is based on strong evidence.