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Campaign recap

Fix Working for Families Part Two Summary (December 2016)

Working for Families: problems, causes and solutions backgrounder (November 2016)

Fix Working for Families Part One Summary (August 2016)

Government Budgets.

Reflections on the Budget 2015 Child Hardship Package (2015)

The impact of changes to Working for Families in the 2011 budget (2011)

Incomes & Working for Families

Supporting family incomes in New Zealand and Australia (June 2017) A background paper prepared for Child Poverty Action Group by Associate Professor Susan St John and CPAG researcher Yun So.

This paper compares New Zealand's Working for Families with tax credit support for a family with dependent children in Australia. The paper provides some useful tables evidencing the greater generosity, and effectiveness of the Australian family tax credit system for low-income working families.

OZ JUST DOES IT BETTER:  A comparison between Australian and New Zealand family tax credits (June 2016)

A step change for Children, Fix Working for Families  (May 2015) 

Adequate incomes and child poverty in Our Children Our Choice (Sept 2014)

Cut Price Kids: Does the 2004 'Working for Families' Budget Work for Children? (November 2004) 


In work tax credit

The In Work Tax Credit in practice: a reality check for the IRD 

The 10 Myths of the in Work Tax Credit

What work counts? Work incentives and sole parent families. (July 2010)